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Plus S30 Flex

  • Standard delivery 5-10 days

  • Commerically available in large volumes

  • Set price for small orders 90€ per per 20 kg bag (incl freight)

  • Small orders – minimum 1 bag and maximum 5 bags 

A flex modified wood compound suitable for a wide range of products.

  • for injection moulding
  • a combination of small wood fibers from waste streams and plastic polymers (bio-based or virgin)
  • low carbon foot print
  • easy to process
  • can be colored using standard masterbatches
  • great choice for products requiring softness, such as reusable crates, toys and handles 
  • generally suitable for replacement of  PP, PS, PPMF and PPGF 

Tech Specs

Wood content (weight)


Density (ISO 1183)

1,01 g/cm3

Tensile strength (ISO 527-2/50)

27 MPa

Tensile modulus (ISO 527-2/2)

1900 MPa

Strain at break (ISO 527-2/50)


Flexural Strength (ISO 178)

35 MPa

Flexural modulus (ISO 178)

1900 MPa

Charpy impact strength, 23°C (ISO 179/1eU)

25  kJ/m2

Vicat B 50 N (ISO 306)

70 °C 

HDT A 1,8 MPa (ISO 75-2/A)

80 °C 


How to injection mould wood compounds?

Avoid high temperatures & long residence times
If the material is processed above the recommended temperatures the woodcompound will degrade
resulting in a pressure buildup in the cylinder and gas formation. In case this occurs stay clear of
formed gas and empty the cylinder of the injection moulding machine.
Avoid large piles of purged material
Purged reject can start to smolder, avoid piles of rejected material.
Keep the reject in an area clear of flammable materials and let cool for example with water before
Injection Moulding
Woodcompounds is sensitive to prolonged exposure to temperatures above 180°C.
Avoid unnecessary heating and residence time.
Do not set any zones above 205°C.

What if I want to order larger quantaties?

Please contact our sales department for a quotation and freight possibilities. 

How do I know if the material is suitable for my product?

Yes, a number of our material formulations are safe for use in food contact. If the grade is available as food contact approved, it will be shown in the text above. 

Is the product suitable for food contact?
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Can I use my current mould?

Many of our customers use the same mould as before they switched to woodcompounds. If this is applicable in your case depends on the material you are to replace, demands on surface finish, MFI and the moulding machine. For best result we also recommend that you use a mould with high chrome content.