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Woodcompounds – a climate smart alternative to plastics

Woodcompounds for injection moulding

There is a growing demand for sustainable alternatives for plastic manufacturing. Our woodcompounds portfolio for injection moulding provides a diverse range of granules, which are all developed with sustainability at heart. Our granules can be made from almost 100% bio-based materials, with a clear objective to reduce CO2 emissions and plastic waste.

Material properties are similar to those of conventional plastics and the material can be moulded in the same machines, making it easy to switch. This makes Woodcompounds a sustainable alternative for everyone, looking for a viable replacement for various conventional plastics. 

Comparing wood compounds with conventional plastics

Choosing a woodcompound will generate CO2 savings, where carbon is collected and CO2 is stored in the wooden part of the material. 

Choosing a fully bio-based woodcompound “ECO”,  to replace conventional plastic offers you significant CO2 savings. Our ECO-offer is not only carbon neutral, it even provides you with a negative CO2 footprint. 

Our product families

  • Suitable replacement of PP, HDPE and PS.
  • Pure blend with low amounts of additives 
  • Affordable with one of the market’s best cost-to-sustainability performance
  • Possible to get food contact approved
  • Suitable replacement of PP, HDPE, HIPS and PS etc
  • Greater flexular modulus and impact strength compared to Pure
  • Competitively priced vs. most other bioplastic alternatives on the market
  • Possible to get food contact approved
  • Suitable for replacement of engineered plastics with high demands on performance
  • Excellent ratio between impact strength and stiffness
  • Easy to design for reuse and circular business model compared to many other engineered plastics 

We Love Our Customers

waste container bioplastics

“Instead of just protecting the jewelry during transportation, we wanted a nice-looking, reusable box that will live long at home, to store jewelry or other small things. We also wanted to avoid long airfreight for environmental reasons. A box made of woodcompounds, available from a local supplier close to us, was a perfect match” – Lauri Nordberg, Founder, Ilonakoru

“Long-term sustainability means to reduce plastic, not to trade one plastic by another.”Thomas Grüner, Founder, ecoSHAVE

“When we started to explore the bioplastics world, we found lots of bio-based materials, but with
woodcompounds we were able to have a fully bio-based material and at the same time reduce 40% of
plastics in our handles. This is the most sustainable solution for us.”Bernd Schäfer, Amefa, Marketing Director

“Quercetti has, as one of its main priority, the children safety, therefore producing our toys by replacing harmful plastics is nowadays a company mission.
Woodcompounds offered us the opportunity to hit the goal in combination with a “greener “ industrial approach.” – Stefano Quercetti CEO Quercetti Toys

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