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About us

Woodcomposite Sweden AB are specialized in the production of environmentally friendly wood compounds that is a climate smart alternative to plastics. The company has a strong commitment to safeguarding natural resources using waste streams, recycled- or bio-based materials in all its products. The granules consist of a combination of polymers and FSC® certified Nordic wood content from sustainably managed forests. Woodcomposite Sweden AB are 100% focused on helping customers to achieve climate gains and reduce carbon footprint in their products by curbing greenhouse gas emissions, achieved by the product offerings and product take-back services at end of life.



We believe it should be easy to switch to a sustainable solution. Therefore we strive hard to keep our products truly sustainable and fairly priced. We also make it simple to make business with us. You can even buy our standard grades directly on our homepage.

We also care deeply about social responsibility and do good for the local community. We operate from a small town, Hyltebruk in Sweden and most of our employees are not only long-term employees of ours, they are also born and raised around Hylte. The town is known for its rich history in the paper and pulp industry and is now at the forefront of a new era in sustainable materials manufacturing


From the start to where we are today

2014 Innovation and development started.

2018 Sales and production of woodcompounds started within Stora Enso Group.

2020-2022 Since start we have continued to develop woodcompounds with adding new high-performance grades, products for 3-D printing and extrusion. 

2022: Introduces the capabilities to create circular business models for its customers by investing in capabilities to handle old products at end of life and turn it into new granules ready to be used in new products. 

2023 Woodcomposites is acquired by Sweden Timber Group and changed its name to WoodComposite AB. 


Compounding and Recycling

The platform is built on a number of different processes. 

  • Fiber milling – capacity to mill fibers to very specific sizes
  • Drying of paper pulp 
  • State-of-the-art compounder facility with capacity to compound 20,000-25,000 tons dependent on formulations. The compounder can handle production of Woodcompounds and recycled plastic granules. 
  • Recycling capabilities such as e.g. shredding of large items into smaller pieces


Part of a sawmill and paper production group

Woodcomposite AB is part of a bigger sawmill and paper production group: Sweden Timber and Hylte Paper. The group produces wood-based goods such as sawn and planed products and high-quality paper. The raw material comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.

Contact us

Do you have a question or want to buy our product? Please contact us and we are happy to help you out!