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Woodcompounds is a climate smart alternative to plastics

Replacing fossil-based plastics has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Woodcomposites are an innovative way to replace conventional plastics. The granules consists of a combination of polymers and FSC® certified Nordic wood content from sustainably managed forests. 

It can replace Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), and even more complex materials like Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene (GFPP), ABS, and Polycarbonate (PC).

Reduce your CO2 emissions with woodcompounds

Our woodcompounds offer

The woodcompound portfolio for injection moulding provides a diverse range of materials based on technological requirements, preferences, and product demands.

Because its haptic perception resembles wood, our woodcompounds for 3D-printing allows for design uniqueness and sparks interest.

Woodcompounds is a great material choice for profile extrusion. It gives strength and reinforce the plastic. 

Our ready-made product offer

Replace your current pallet or boxes with a climate smart alternative, helping you to reduce CO2 emissions and increase reuse of products. 

Love the material, but not sure where to mould it? We have the possibility to injection mould smaller items in small quantaties. For large volumes we are happy to connect you with injection moulders in our network.

Circularity for woodcomposites

Woodcompounds can enable a circular loop, from a linear take-make-waste approach, to a circular model. We can optimize the use of a material by designing a system that enforces re-usability, recyclability and re-manufacturing of products using Woodcompounds. 

This can be done through:

1. Select renewable materials
2. Design and maximize product usage
3. Recycling of materials

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